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Great Lines from the past two episodes of “Girls”

Why aren’t you mourning quietly! - Adam Driver, in response to Lena Dunham’s reading her editor’s “Eulogy” on Gawker

And there’s Lena Dunham, naked again. This show is so real!

"If you died, the world would blur. I wouldn’t even know what a tree was." -Adam Driver

Response to last line- Lena Dunham, “Well that’s really nice.” … I think about you dying all the time!”

"Marnie finally decided to throw in the towel?" - Ray 

"I can’t believe I’m still alive either…I’d like to visit Season’s tomb…her sarcophagus…you know.."- Jessa 

"You got me stiffing…you know…putting art over the holes in the wall…" Laird 

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