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In honor of #readwomen2014 – an effort to equalize the gender imbalance in our collective reading habits – here are 14 fantastic, timeless reads by women:

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The World’s 85 Richest People Are As Wealthy as the Poorest 3 Billion

The report that everybody’s talking about this morning is Oxfam’s opus on global inequality, which leads with an eye-popping statistic: The richest 85 people own more wealth than the bottom half of the world’s population.

Yes, that equation works out to: 85 > 3,000,000,000.

Before we dig into the document, a programming note about wealth inequality. Wealth isn’t income. Salary is income. But investments—stocks, houses, or equity in a business—build wealth. Wealth comes from the money you don’t immediately spend. Since poor people spend more of their income immediately, and rich people save/invest more of their income immediately, it’s predictable that wealth inequality be much worse than income inequality.

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We’re disappointed that the court came to this conclusion,” Craig Aaron, president and CEO of digital rights group Free Press, said in a statement. “Its ruling means that Internet users will be pitted against the biggest phone and cable companies—and in the absence of any oversight, these companies can now block and discriminate against their customers’ communications at will.

The Special Ops Surge: America's Secret War in 134 Countries

I find this tremendously disturbing. “Deployments in 134 countries, however, turn out not to be expansive enough for SOCOM. In November 2013, the command announced that it was seeking to identify industry partners who could, under SOCOM’s Trans Regional Web Initiative, potentially “develop new websites tailored to foreign audiences.” These would join an existing global network of 10 propaganda websites, run by various combatant commands and made to look like legitimate news outlets, including, Sabahi which targets the Horn of Africa; an effort aimed at the Middle East known as; and another targeting Latin America called”


Lack of trickle down in West Virginia leaves poorest high and dry

CHARLESTON, W. Va — The ongoing water crisis in West Virginia has revealed the economic inequality in the state, as the richest shrug off inconveniences brought on by the contamination while the poorest struggle to obtain one of life’s basic necessities.

In the South Hills section of Charleston, where some homes sell for a million dollars, residents report few problems finding or affording potable water.

“There’ve been no complaints, really. People just go pick it up,” said Steve Bias, 51, the owner of Colonial Exxon gas station. “If someone said they had trouble finding water, we’d help them.” 

The neighborhood’s rolling hills are home to the city’s doctors, lawyers and a few coal industry executives, whose homes — including some sprawling mansions — overlookmore modest areasin the Kanawah River Valley.

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